We find ourselves at the intersection of Titanic forces and timelines. While popularly known meridians such as the end of the Mayan Calendar have now matured, there are also others from other traditions coming to closure and new ones overlapping at this extraordinary time. They include the ending of the Kali Yuga, a long period of difficulty and darkness for mankind and the incoming of the Kalki Yuga, a time of cleansing and light. Manifesting also is the end of the Piscean age and the incoming of the age of Aquarius with its flood of the Christ Light, Love, and energy and unfoldings of unity, harmony, brotherhood, and oness.

This time of great change has shown us, in only a matter of weeks, events including Hurricane Sandy, the American elections, Nero-like fiscal fiddling, and the horrifying slaughter of innocents. Each in its own way has served to continue an awakening to an understanding leading to an exploding awareness in the very being of more and more people that our house divided cannot stand. A common sense is brewing in not only the American psyche and wisdom but globally in all of the human family. While many false starts lie ahead, the corner has been turned and at last the tipping point has been reached.

The way forward will be characterized by the old dispensations of hate, harm, and hurt; of separateness, fear, and war, becoming increasingly transparent and seen as ineffective, inappropriate, counterproductive, and destructive. The litmus test for the new time will be the extent to which something is inclusive of and unifying of, the family of humanity. The corner turned at last and the tipping point reached is that of the swing of the pendulum into the territory of inclusivity and it’s continued penetration and progress on that arc.

The path into the new time will not be linear, it will not be predictable at the micro level and will have many twists, turns, fits and starts. We will witness much by way of go/don’t go, start/stop, and red-light/green-light, along with periods of stagnation, apparent regression, and soaking time. However, the all the people that you can’t fool all the time have looked into the chaos of separation, greed, and competition and found it not only wanting but, at some deep level, not longer acceptable.

As those who cannot make the turn into the new time respond with stridently hardened posturings they will find in their self-generated isolation that what they understood to be the popularity and apparent solidity of their position has given way to increasing awareness of it’s unacceptability. As they respond with their old thinking and perseveration on their separative agenda they will perform an important service in that it will bring a clear spotlight upon and render into stark relief, not only the choices we have but the manifest opportunities. They will assist us to see that the old thinking no longer serves us and, indeed is passing away before our very eyes.

From all corners of the landscape of separation, the ideals, dreams, and dogmas based on fear, greed, and competition and held as inviolate truisms are moving to be rebirthed in a new context of inclusiveness or, to fall of their own weight. This is true of all spectrums including liberal, conservative, religious, and spiritual. Old forms of thought, word, and deed are simply no longer sustainable.

This does not mean that much of the valuable concepts that have contributed to humanities good and great things need pass away. It is as important to honor and preserve the good of the old as it is to embrace the new. Old ideas will find new life as they are evaluated, recast, and demonstrate applicability within the new and greater context of the Unity of all things. Those which do not stand such scrutiny will naturally fall away as they will simply be given no more energy.

Humanity has reached at least the beginnings of a new plateau of maturation and spiritual awareness and with it has come a progressive exposing of all that would hinder the new time. This exposition will, stage-by-stage, reveal what has become the bad the untrue and the ugly so that we may choose ever more the good, the true and the beautiful.

It is the turning of the tide.

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