ESSAY (001)

“We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
The essence, immediacy, core, centrality, and totality of our being exist within the Creator Itself.
To paraphrase Wayne Dyer: The Creator becomes the things which the Creator creates.
To quote Richard Rohr: “God loves things by becoming them.”
The true nature of our relationship to the Deity is discovered, filled–out, learned, advanced, and progressively understood through experiences at all levels of awareness including body, mind, and spirit with the operative focus existing within our relationships to each other. This journey, we are all on together, is characterized by experiences in relationships over many, many lifetimes and is punctuated every couple of thousand years by the ending of a period of activity that involves the withdrawal of a certain set of energies. These energies provide constructive and formative environments and interactions impelling us, Humanity, to mature and grow in our understanding within an ever broader becoming as we continue awakening and expansion of ourselves as spiritual beings.
These energies are succeeded by a follow-on change in the set of energies that provide an environment for the next level of learning and the next spiral of humanity’s development. These energies will, in turn, be successively followed by other energy sets.
These periods of humanity passing through a certain energy set finds human evolution stimulated in specific ways transmitting and instilling understandings and wisdom of the kind and type needed by humanity having reached certain points in its evolution. Ending of that particular age comes as a winding down and the exit of those energies followed seamlessly by the arrival of the next needed energy set.
In the case of the current transition, the Piscean age is rapidly closing with the succeeding energies of the Aquarian dispensation – the New Age, rapidly flowing in.
However, while this transition is providing great impetus for continued expansion and growth, the change also brings disruption and turmoil as Humanity adjusts to the new energy with its resulting expansions of consciousness, and new dispensation.

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