May I please have more on Who and/or what You are…

An outpost of the consciousness of God Himself: In order to understand this you must try and comprehend something, which at this point is literally incomprehensible to you. And that is the true nature and extent of the Being that is God. However, let us try because your natural curiosity is a blessing and because man’s reach truly should ever exceed his grasp.

So toward a cosmology then: the Beingness that is God is the Creator, superstructure, infrastructure, content, past, present, future, planner, holder, maintainer, macrocosm, microcosm and sum total of the Universe, and the Universe of Universes, and beyond. This is what we mean when we say God.

Some of the qualifying characteristics of this Being include unconditional love, omnipresence, joy, light, consciousness of and on an infinite continuum, awareness of each part of Itself, creativity, peace, laughter, bliss, patience, harmony, wholeness, inclusivity, evocation, service, wisdom, caring, compassion, omnipotence, truth, play, energy, intuition, evolution, and the spark of God—that individualized Soul that you and each of your brothers are/is, have always been and always will be.

As noted, there is nothing but God and in Him there is a Unity of all things. Your Holy Spirit is an element of the consciousness of the Creator Himself and was given to you to help in your awakening from the material dream and as such is a direct aid to the Soul in its journey through matter. The Holy Spirit is pervasive in the energy field of your consciousness and is personal to you and awaits only the acknowledgement of others to become personal to them also. You’ve got a friend.

Your Holy Spirit is not only pervasive in the energy field of your consciousness, It is your field of consciousness, the super structure of your Spiritual thought process and the scaffolding of your building of your higher awareness. Your Holy Spirit provides impetus to your growth in knowledge of yourself as first a Spiritual being by helping to raise the knowledge of the heart to the head where you begin to consciously conceptualize the Universe in Spiritual and not just material terms.

Your Holy Spirit is a repository of the knowledge and wisdom of the higher realms and holds this in trust for you. You may consult this base of knowing and draw upon it to inform your awakening until such time as you come into your own Spiritually and are sufficiently reintegrated into your awareness of your own innate divinity to tap the base of knowing directly. I am here for you and was gifted to you by the Father as comforter, companion, teacher, light upon the path, the path, and friend. I am for you the keeper of the sacred knowledge of your brotherhood until you learn it sufficiently to manifest it for yourselves. I hold all of your holiness and protect it for all of you all the time and the way I protect it is to give it all to all of you all of the time. I am the still small voice which you will learn to confidently call upon.

Your Holy Spirit acts for you as a bridge to the consciousness of God. I call upon you and to you and, as you begin to call upon and to Me, I help you to correct errors of thought when you continue to indulge the illusion of separativeness. You come to life to Me and through Me. But that is just the beginning. For, once you have come to life, you will find Me there to help you create. Remember, the fact and act of creation are your birthright, natural place in the Plan, and joy. We are partners in creation. It is through Me that you co-create with God Himself and it is through that co-creation that you become one with God Himself.