We are grossly out of balance.

The nature of our unbalanced condition is so pronounced that we have become paralyzed in our polarity. This paralysis of polarity is now so great that in and of itself, it has become the overriding issue. So dominate is this condition, that it now constitutes a barrier to dealing with the greatest challenges in the history of humanity.

The posturing, fist shaking and shouting from the poles has become news and sport. It has taken the air out of the room of our ability to deal with even the most glaring of common threats. Devoid of substance and appearing to exist only to attack, it escalates at an ever-increasing rate. It is become the new centuries ubiquitous embodiment of Shakespeare’s strutting and fretting which it would appear we prefer to all other forms of relationship. The paralysis of polarity constitutes more and more an iceberg, a frozen waste land within which, blinded by the glamour of conflict and competition we, as if on autopilot, create, nurture and perpetuate the maelstrom of destruction now so clearly upon us.

We have become a house divided.

This sad and exceedingly dangerous state has been addressed in a variety of spiritual sources. One of my favorites for directness and simplicity is from Mark 3:25; And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

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