The Ten Commandments Re-membered

The Ten Commandments are often thought of as a do-or-die paradigm handed down by a judging and vengeful father. This is the thought form that pertains when the Commandments are viewed from the perspective of the battleground of the little ego.

Another way of considering them is possible, that from the spiritual perspective of the playground of the Soul. From such perspective they are not so much Commandments as promise and prophesy. Seen in this light, they are guarantors from a loving Father, who does not judge us but calls us home and teaches us the way. In this view, He teaches us that we will learn and find our way home and along the way we will come to understand that, for example, we will have no other gods for there is only one God. Indeed there is only God.

Seen in this way the Commandments are a gifting of guidance toward and along the spiritual path. Part of the gift is the growing in awareness that these Commandments may be seen not as intimidating dictates backed by damnation but the coaching and coaxing of a loving Father, who wants us to hear His call and who bends His loving grace toward us so as to help us awaken and to make the turn toward home

Flowing from this grand gift then is the capacity to naturally unfold our spiritual sight so that we come to view the Commandments from the perspective of the playground of the Soul. As a part of this natural unfolding we reach points along the way where we, for example, simply no longer desire material things or idol conceptualizations, or any graven image either tangible or in thought, word, or deed for these desires have been superseded by higher spiritual aspiration which comes along as a most natural consequence of our increasing experience and focus on the things of the spirit. Points are reached where it no longer occurs to us to bear false witness, steal, commit adultery, or kill.

In this way we reintegrate the Commandments with new understandings into the loving whole of which we are a part and the Commandments become for us positive promises of outcomes that we will achieve as we grow in spirit. They are thus re-membered at a higher level of knowing with us and for us.