The concept of forgiveness as both powerful tool for healing as well as for spiritual growth is a recurring theme in Dialogues With the Holy Spirit. A few of the many references to forgiveness follow:


You must only do three things in order to move off of the battlefield of hurt, harm, and hate and onto the playground of love and joy: forgive, forgive, forgive.

Forgiveness is the new dispensation that completely negates the old “eye for an eye.” Thus you have been instructed to forgive not just seven times but . . . seventy times seven.

Forgiveness is a blanket of correction and awakening that you may spread over any place, time, event, thought or concept of any size.

Forgiveness can be retroactive to any memory, any situation, and any persons living or what you still think of as dead.

Using your new clarity of vision, be alert and look for times of fear which are signals of opportunities to forgive. Reframe and retrain your mind to reorient your looking and to recognize the signals. Remember that judgment is a sign of fear. Use your new capacity for sight to see it in yourself. Use your mind to identify it for what it really is.

Next be sincere in your examination of what you really see, not what the ego wants you to see. Take the images literally and figuratively to heart. Use there the greater sight to let your Spirit sincerely respond with love for you, the others involved, and the situation. Let the love and wisdom of your heart allow you to make the decision to choose forgiveness. Choose first the forgiveness and then any response that needs to flow from the act of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not a passive acceptance. Action to resolve the fear(s) is needed. This, too, when done with love, is an act of forgiveness and will range from thought, word and/or deed and should be done with intent to establish and extend right relationship.

Forgiveness flows from the head and the heart, from the mind and Spirit. Forgiveness is both a learned feeling process and a learned thought process.