One Planet One People

As common as the sky, as ubiquitous as the sunshine, and as troubling as the flotsam and jetsam of the systems, values, parameters, and paradigms crashing around us, the old is holding its sway while in the same time/space it is also passing away.

Deeply compelling, deeply profound, and deeply trans-formative ours is a time like no other as foundational concepts emerge, form, and repeat; morphing into the new from roots so familiar as to camouflage and render them subtle, intrinsic, and nonthreatening until full-blown we see them as not just a new thought but a new way of thinking about what we think about. By virtue of their oldness and newness juxtaposed they both reassure and disturb.

A quintessential concept at the core of this transformation is that of unity. A thinking, a conception, and a very consciousness, its dimensions and depths lead us to a complexity which ultimately yields to a simplicity.

Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. King, and others who helped anchor the thought form of nonviolence taught that the practice has many levels of expression and many levels of outcome with the ultimate impact being a transformation in the one who is learning the practice as well as the one confronted by the practice. The latter being that the recipient of the love in the form of nonviolence by the practitioner is gifted with the opportunity for transformative, ennobling, heart opening and life changing perspectives.

Like the great lessons of nonviolence, unity thinking has direct unfiltered impact causing transformation in each of us as well as at the level of the entire race.  It is a true shift to a new baseline of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom which then causes the manifestation of new thought forms; the result of which is to change the very nature of reality as new ways of doing are constructed on the new ways of thinking because of the new understanding that humanity is ONE.

Practical examples include operationalizing the belief that everyone born on the Earth should be adequately cared for as a birthright including an opportunity in their turn to know and serve the gift of responsibility to the whole.  Practical examples include caring for all children and their families as if they are your own because the wisdom inherent in the concept of the unity of all things allows the heart to grasp the truth that they are indeed your very own.  Practical examples include caring for the Earth and making sustainable its ability to maintain life.