At the root of one of the most critical of misunderstandings and need to reframe fundamental concepts is that of the sense of unworthiness. It can subtly color every thought and is a baseline assumption which the little ego relies upon to keep us focused on a negative image of ourselves as small, insignificant, and meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Often the sense of unworthiness is so pervasive as to not be recognized and yet runs under every concept of ourselves and our world view, ultimately dictating a reference point from which flows all manner of negative thoughts about our capacities, abilities, and our very being.

The truth is that in the scheme of things we are grand. Not in the way the little ego understands the concept. Far from it. In fact, 180 degrees from it. The little ego would have us think in terms of self aggrandizement and importance. The reality is actually grander than the little ego can conceive for it means the very nature of who we are as the created and this is a concept that is foreign to the ego.

We are the created and are of the Creator as sure as clay is of the Earth. The Creator created not only us in His image but also out of His beingness. The Word of creation, the gift and kinship of the Holy Spirit, and the breath of life itself mean that we are of the essence of the One who loved us so as to create us. We are not only the beneficiary of such Holy gifts including life itself but are heirs who hold, house, and grow into our own, as sparks of God. Thus, we are made of the very stuff of The Deity Itself.

Our worth, therefore, is such that we cannot put measure to it. However, there is a number that lets us begin to grasp how grand we really are. We carry the value of, are of, and are One with, the Father. Therefore, the ultimate number, the irreducible prime of all primes, the largest number in the Universe of which all others are a fraction, is our value. It is the number One. We are one with God in Whom all existence does live and move and have being.

And, it is only the giving and assuring of this worth to and with all brothers and sisters on the Earth that we can hold it and grow in it. Like Love itself, the gift of our grand worth must be construed and freely given to others for their own awareness and awakening. Held to ourselves in a fearful grasp causes our own worth to wither in our awareness and understanding and us to perpetuate a world of hate, harm, and hurt.