Our Radiatory Field

All is energy. There is nothing but energy. These are fundamental precepts that cause us to directly impact our environment and call us to choose the nature and quality of the content of that impact.

Rocks, trees, clouds; phlox, bees, boughs; heather, moor, mead; thought, word, deed–these are all essentially energy manifesting and from our limited perspective, masquerading, as solid objects or concepts behind solid objects. It matters not the shape or our sense of the manifestation. The essence of, the very reality of these and all things we sense or conceive is energy itself.

The frequency and therefore the manifesting appearance or experience of the energy will vary; the fundamental premise that all manifestation is energy, will not. One way of integrating the concept that all is energy into our spiritual understandings is to think of the continuum of matter and spirit. Matter is spirit vibrating at its lowest frequency and spirit is matter vibrating at its highest frequency.

When we apply the concept to your own being, we can come to understand that we are at all levels energy. Some appearances of the energy are as solid matter while others, at the other end of the continuum, appear as spirit. The resulting beings, the greater ones that we are discovering and are becoming, are a field of energy. This field has a variety of patterns, colors, intensities, and intelligences radiating from it. It is a radiatory field.

We occupy a space that is a collection of energies and that space extends and connects to all other energies in the Universe. The human aura is such a radiation. Other even more subtle energies are with and about us all the time. We are not only producing these energies but are also receiving them. They come to us in many ways including from other persons and more highly evolved beings such as our own Soul.

An unprecedented amount and quality of loving energy from many sources are flowing into the collective field and into our individual point of focus in that field. This inflow is part of the stimulus of this time and is serving to awaken us. It includes the Christ energy and is of a potency that humankind has never before experienced. This inflow of energy is manifesting planet wide in the physical phenomena of our time and also in more subtle ways of sudden knowings, understandings, and shifts in our consciousness.

When, beyond the words and more obvious signals, we have the experience of sensing or knowing what another person or a situation means, that knowing is coming from this greater field. With the energy comes information, organization of the information, and to the extent that we learn and allow, we also get answers to questions past, present and future. Sometimes you just know.

It is our free will to choose how we react to the energy. More importantly, it is our free will to decide what we put out into the energy field. We may choose to radiate fear, anger, hate, harm, and hurt or to open ourselves to the higher energy and become a source for caring, compassion, love and joy. It is up to us to decide what it is we radiate into the energy field and consequently, following the law of karma, what will come back to us by our own doing.

As beings of energy we are radiating all the time. Becoming aware of this ongoing activity is one of our lessons preparing us for the new time and paths just ahead. As we master these lessons, we can with volition use our own radiatory field in loving ways to serve the spiritual growth of others and thereby our own spiritual growth. It is a gift to us and as all spiritual gifts, is given so that we might multiply it by sharing it.