Change may have come, as Carl Sandburg said of fog, “on little cat feet” but it is now on steroids; we have reached a crossroads in human development.

Ours is a transformative time and a point of creative and profoundly spiritual tension. It is a point of no return as the crystallized forms of our thought can neither bend like the still green branch nor, as yet, consciously evolve; they are therefore shattering around us.

The paradigm has not just shifted but is shifting. We are at a transition of such magnitude that we have ever more frequent paradigm shifts within which a new definition of paradigm shift has come about, one in which we do not see a shift per se, definable by the arrival of a new set of expectations and norms. Instead, we see shifting as the new constant defined by the ongoing manifestation of frequent, transformative, irreversible, and sometimes sudden, change.

As new wine deserves new bottles, such a period of change presages the emergence of new orientations to our concept of reality. One such new orientation at the core of this transformative time, is that of humankind’s movement out of the herd into the intelligent group. Conscious and volitional evolution will be a hallmark of the new time as we grow beyond the thinking and mindset that has brought the excesses of separation and materialism that now threaten the future of the race.

– An excerpt from Dialogues With the Holy Spirit –

More and more of mankind is beginning to see that existing structures such as transportation, communications, law, education, government, economics, finance, business, and the family are not only in need of change but are in fact changing before your eyes and have been doing so for some time.

This awareness of the need for change and the observation of its happening at greater and greater speed have created a time of tension as the old is slipping away and the new is not yet recognizable. This has created a great crisis point. These points of great crisis are reached periodically in mankind’s journey to awakening. The last one occurred about 2000 years ago.

They also occur in the life at individual levels.

In both cases, they mark a time of uncertainty when the old ways no longer work and are not capable of sustaining life and yet the unknowns of the new are fearful. Such is the point now reached

The tension of the old and new serve to bring into dramatic relief the perception of duality and separation. Polar points on the continuum of concepts such as conservative vs. liberal are such an example as is poor vs. rich, religion vs. Spirituality, violence vs. peace, and love vs. fear.

In each case, the perception of the duality is serving to bring new ways of conceptualizing to the mind of man and to create awareness of new ways of thinking, new ways of actually looking and seeing, and commensurately, new ways of defining the race. In this case, the defining is toward a greater understanding and practical acceptance of the need for Spiritual growth.

Thus, this is the time of the great awakening. All polarities are being exacerbated. This will allow for their being seen as the false structures of the ego, which they are.

Conservative versus liberal is a good example of these false structures. The conservative view and the liberal view both are to be valued and neither has a superior position in the process of thought. The conservative perspective rightly sees much that is good and worthy of preservation while the liberal perspective rightly sees much in need of discarding and change. Both are equally correct and when used in the extreme to justify separation, equally corrupt. Each in a measured way is necessary for the race to grow. Each is but a perspective and must be viewed from the greater whole as points on a continuum of thought, such continuum of thought itself being only a piece of the larger awareness. Thus, what is perceived as being inherently in conflict is at the higher level a unity.